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Who Are We?

We are the Nuclear Medicine players who invent and prepare diagnosis and therapy medication day after day, and who design and manufacture the complex cameras used for examinations; every trade participating in the implementation of this discipline in hospital or in clinics observed a real lack of information and knowledge in the public arena, and therefore patients, about Nuclear Medicine exams. Yet, the potential of this very functional and targeted medicine approach has become paramount.

With the help of the concerned physicians, we wanted to get closer to patients and explain the different stages of a Nuclear Medicine exam in the simplest possible manner, as well as the origin of radio-pharmaceutical medication and its equipment interaction; most of all, we wanted to shed light on legitimate questions: the advantages and possible risks of such exams. 


AIPES Nuclear Medicine Awareness Group

List of participants in the Group here

The Nuclear Medicine Community

Andrea Bauer, European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM)
Prof. Serge Goldman, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Prof. M. Hacker
Dr. Eric Laurent, CHIREC Group Belgium
Brigitte Lipschutz, Bcoaching
Dr Max Lonneux, CHIREC Group Belgium
Dr Anne-Catherine Thomas
Dr. Savvas Frangos Febnm, EANM
Prof. Thierry Velu, CHIREC Group Belgium


Web design, Webdevelopment, Animation

Art direction - David Crunelle (Navalorama)
Simon Dupuis for Navalorama

Web marketing

Harald Mathie, Mathie Consulting


Jocelyne Baldasso, AIPES