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An illustrated introduction

The best, simplest, and most complete introduction to nuclear medicine you will ever get in under three minutes.
Viewed millions of times, this animation is often used by physicians and doctors as an entry point to explain nuclear medicine to their patients.

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What is PET-CT?

An illustrated animation about a lung nodule case. 
PET-CT plays a vital role in diagnosis and therapy of disease.

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Prostate cancer follow-up

PET-CT for prostate cancer follow-up. 
The latest Spect-CT scanner gives more precise 3D images 

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What is a nuclear cardiology scan?

Diagnosis and prognosis of cardiac ischemia 
The best way to check if the pain is not due to a blood flow problem, what we call “ischemia”, is to perform a myocardial perfusion scan

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Will I glow in the dark?

Real questions that nuclear medicine physicians and technicians are asked by patients.
We hope the answers will ease your concerns regarding these safe diagnostic procedures.

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